You Know What I Hate?

You know what I hate about being a teen/kid?  Is that you have to go get stupid doctors appointments, where they give you shots.  I mean I have gotten many shots and blood tests but I hate getting shots, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t like them at all!  And another bad thing is… I have a doctors appointment tomorrow!  I know stinks right, well it does if you where me because after tomorrow I have to wake up early to catch the plane for L.A!  So it is bad enough I haven’t been in my house for eight days, and now the one day I get home I have to get up early the next day for a stupid doctors appointment, and then the next day after that I have to get up early again to catch the plane with my mom!  See what I mean?  And then the doctors wonder why kids don’t like them, do you know why we don’t like them?  I do it is because they give us so much shots, we end up not liking them!  Well I will write you after the four hour plane ride!  I hope my ears don’t pop, I hate that too!

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