The Host by Stephenie Meyer – A Book in Review

I have to admit this… I was scared! When I received The Host by Stephenie Meyer in the mail and opened up the package, the size of the book itself scared me. Guys, it’s big, 619 pages big, as big as most of the high school text books big! So, putting the size factor aside, I knew I had to dive into the book head first, knowing there was no turning back!

I am so glad that I did! The Host is a science fiction story that was an amazing, well-written, story of love. There is a love-triangle, but not in the way that you and I think of a love triangle. This love triangle was that of only two bodies. Here’s how it goes: Wanderer is the alien “soul” who tries to take over Melanie’s mind. Once the alien enters the human mind, they can control the human body and they have access to their memories. Wanderer is sent to find her hosts family and friends that are in hiding. Wanderer has taken over the minds of others and has traveled to many different planets, however Melanie is the first host who resists. The two actually have conversations with each other in Melanie’s head. Wanderer fights through Melanie’s walls to discover the human that she loves, Jared. It isn’t soon after that not only does Melanie love Jared, but Wanderer also finds that she too is falling in love with the human.

Stephenie Meyer {who is also the author of the twilight saga} takes you on an adventurous roller coaster filled with questioning thoughts of what it means to be human. The aliens are not set out to take over the world and cause mass chaos and turmoil, they are there with the intentions of making the world a better, harmonious, peaceful place to live. What’s better? The human world of war, violence, hatred, or a world filled with body snatching aliens filled with peace, love, and harmony? Only you can decide that! Wanderer is faced with a moral dilemma. Does she go back to the life she has always known, or does she stay with the humans?

It was a great ending, much better than I thought it would be. If you can put aside the fact that this is a science fiction novel and focus on the art of love, the love between the “soul” and human emotions, the love for family and friends, you will find that this book is an enjoyable, yet compelling read.

The Host will be in theaters March 29, 2013!
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