School is Coming!

So by now school has either already been starting or some will wait 30 days like me! I am a nerd (not in a complete weird way, but in the way that I like school.) So obviously I am going crazy by the second! But I already got all of my school supplies and I am ready to start 7th grade! I know what your thinking ‘Why would you like school it is so boring’ but the reason I like school is because it seems I see my friends more during school than in summer, because everyone is so busy during summer and leaving town and all. But with school everyone is making plans with you because they can’t wait for the weekend! But for me the only downside is, is that I have to wake up at 6 in the morning and be ready in probably 30 minutes. So it’s kind of difficult considering I love accessorizing and doing my hair and makeup, and of course, I have to eat all in 30 minutes! Wow, I didn’t know how rushing my mornings were until now! But it is all worth it in the end! (:



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