Call Me by ROZES

ROZES in Support of Mental Health Shares Stripped Down “Call Me”

ROZES is switching up her musical style and is embracing her solo piano roots by belting out a hard-hitting and heartfelt, soulful hook composed at Alicia Keys’ all-female writing camp She Is The Music. Over 1 billion total streams and multiple platinum certifications, pop songstress ROZES shares in the support of Mental Health Awareness Year-Round on her new and emotionally charged single “Call Me.” The song was written, produced, mixed and mastered by a list of notable women (writers ROZES, Alex Hope[Tove Lo, Troye Sivan, Marina, Fletcher] and Frances, producer Hope, mixer Marcella Aracia, and mastering engineer Aya Merrill).

“Call Me” illuminates ROZES’ marked growth as a songwriter and performer. Inbetween piano chords, her soulful delivery shares an important message; “Just know that you can call me, and I’ll always be there.”. Penned the day of Kate Spade’s suicide, it addresses a cause close to the singer’s heart and supports those struggling.

Speaking on her inspiration for the song, she states, “I think it’s important that we do not underestimate the power of a phone call. The courage to reach out can change a life, and maybe it’s your own. I would say this is my most ‘ballad’ type song I’ve ever released. It’s honest about mental health and offering a hopeful hand to those in thick of it. It’s also important that we remember that our mental health is not a burden. There are so many ways to seek help. It’s important that we not only recognize the signs of depression in others but to also recognize it in ourselves. Like I always say, it’s okay to not be okay, but not okay to stay that way.”

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