Review: Little More Charming

I received one pair of flip flops and one bracelet to test out and review from Little More Charming.  All the views and opinions are mine and mine alone.

The first product I will share is this black flip flop with a pink metallic strap.  Constructed very well, this flip flop has cushion and style all in one.  I love that you can unbuckle the strap and add any slide on rhinestone charm to customize your particular style.  Its a fun flip flop that will add a little bling to every step you take this summer.  These flip flops are $17.00 each and come in sizes, small, medium and large.  You can also check out their other styles of flip flops because each of them have the ability to add their lovely charms for a completely different look.  You can go with a red or silver strap, or even a small heel!

I then tested out the bracelet.  I had a bit of difficulty opening it at first, but once I figured it out,  I was switching the charms from flip flop to bracelet and it was fun to have the option of changing the charms to suit my different moods.    You can create your own sense of style by adding a few charms to the bracelet or even by personalizing it with your name or initials!  For only $4.00 each, the bracelet is silicone and very durable.  The different charms are so cute too!  They range in price from $2.75-$4.75 so they are very affordable!

I had received this one for the bracelet and I love it!  Be sure to check out all the other fabulous products Little More Charming has to offer!  You will find products like wristlet bags, headbands, tote bags and hats!  I’m sure you will see something you will want!

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