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I had the opportunity to interview Romi Dames who plays Traci on Hannah Montana.  Romi is also a singer and is sharing her new song, Christmas List (of Excuses) on Radio Disney, so be sure to call in and request it to be played!  Thank you Romi for taking the time to answer all the questions I had for you!  I hope to see you again! 🙂

Me & Romi Dames
Me & Romi Dames

CTB: You use a different voice for your character on Hannah Montana, was that something you already knew how to do or did you have to create a different voice for your role?
RD: The voice I use for Traci was something I created entirely for the role. My real voice is pretty bubbly and I knew if I wanted to get cast as a snobby socialite, I’d need to make a big character choice.  Luckily, they loved it, and they wrote me into more episodes!

CTB: Were you friends with any of the Hannah Montana cast before you were on the show yourself?
RD: I didn’t know anybody from the cast before I was on the show. I adore everyone on the set, they made me feel welcome immediately and I feel so lucky to be a part of the cast.

CTB: Are you and your character alike in any way, and if so, how?
RD: I am completely different from Traci, thank goodness. Traci is completely ego-centric. Everything she does is motivated by what she wants and she doesn’t care how it affects other people. It makes her very fun to play! I do, however, share Traci’s love fashion and fabulous parties! 🙂

CTB: Was Hannah Montana the first TV show you were on, if not, what other shows have you been on?
RD: I’ve been on a few different shows, but I’ve never had a part as big on as big as show as Hannah Montana. I was on “The Young and the Restless”, “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, “Sci-Squad”, and I was nominated for a regional Emmy on a show called “Watch This!”. (I’ve also done voices on “Phineas and Ferb”.)

CTB: Since your character on Hannah Montana is not nice to “Lilly”, are the two of friends in real life?
RD: I adore Emily! We have a lot of fun being mean to each other on the show, we get a big kick out of it because neither of us would act like in real life. Sometimes between takes Emily and Miley will talk to me in their “Traci” voices, and it totally cracks me up!

CTB: Do you have anything you are working on now, any tv shows, movies, etc…?
RD: Hannah Montana starts shooting Season 4 in January, so hopefully I’ll be back for more episodes. In the meantime, I did some voice over on a new show on Disney called “Kick Buttowski” and I have my very first single coming out! I’m really excited about it. It’s a Christmas song called “Christmas List (Of Excuses)”. It will be available on iTunes Thanksgiving of 2009! Please tell everyone you know to call into radio stations and request the song! (I also put a preview on YouTube, please check it out!)

CTB: What is the best thing you like to do when you are not working?
RD: I’m always watching tv and movies–for research…yeah, that’s it…research.

CTB: Do you have any pets?  If so, what are they and what are their names?
RD: I don’t have any pets but I LOVE anything little and cuddly!

CTB: What would you say your decorating style is?  Do you have a favorite color you are decorating with now?
RD: My favorite decorating style is 50s modern. I love the “new age” 50s look–shag carpets, bubble lamps, retro paintings…

CTB: If you could act with anyone who would it be?
RD: Kristin Chenoweth and Steve Carell!

CTB: How can fans get in touch with you?
I would actually love it if you would let people know about my new song, “Christmas List (Of Excuses)”. I’m trying to get fans to request it on Radio Disney or their local Christmas music stations. Here’s the YouTube preview:

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