No More Christina!

Most people know this, others do not, but I Alyssa am or was Christina!  But my mom Phyllis Pometta, the owner of BabySwags told me that everyone already knew I Alyssa was being Christina for my blogs “FAKE NAME” for me.  Then I decided to just stick with MY REAL name, not Christina!  So here I am now writing this blog post as Alyssa NOT Christina!  So just to make it all clear again, I Alyssa Pometta are no longer going to pretend being Christina!

The way I got my “Nickname” Christina is my FULL name is Alyssa CHRISTINE Pometta, so my mom and I took my middle name which is Christine and took the “E” out of it and changed the “E” to an “A” so it would be CHRISTINA!  Get it?  If for some weird reason you don’t understand I will make this the CLEAREST I can!  CHRISTINE-E=CHRISTIN and CHRISTIN+A=CHRISTINA! NOW DO YOU GET IT?!? 🙂

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