My bracelets are on their way to Hollywood!

I made a few bracelets that I had my mom send to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus! She has a company (Baby Swags and Unforgettable PR) that does celebrity gifting and she said I can send a couple of my bracelets to the people she sends gifts to. She sent one to Miley Cyrus when she won an award and even got a thank you note from her. (which I posted below for you to see)

Miley Cyrus Postcard to Baby Swags

I sent Miley Cyrus a multicolored beaded bracelet with a dangling cross on it and Taylor Swift was sent a crystal green beaded bracelet with a dangling peace sign with a little matching green crystal in it.  I think they are really really cute! I am even thinking of making more to sell them!!!!  I need mall shopping money!!!!!  Maybe I can have a bracelet business, Bracelets by Ally!


The bracelet that I sent Miley is in the middle and the one I sent to Taylor is on the right.  The one on the left I made for myself.  I also made my mom a brown glass beaded bracelet that looks like wood with a little danging charm that says Inspire on one side and Dream on the other.  She loves it!  I’ll have to see if she can take a picture of it so I can post it.

Well, I hope I get a thank you note from one of them!  That would be so amazing!!!  I’d scream!!!

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