Lindsay Lohan wants to make Mean Women movie

Lindsay Lohan wants to make “Mean Women” Movie

In Touch magazine has learned that Lindsay Lohan wants to make a sequel to her 2004 hit film Mean Girls.  (Personally, I think that would be a super cool movie…especially since some *NOT ALL* women can be just as nasty, if not nastier than girls!)

“It would be called Mean Women, and her character will head up a company where the other girls work,” says an insider, adding that LiLo, 30, sees the film as her big comeback and has even reached out to Mean Girls creator Tina Fey, 46.

 “Tina told her that this film is never going to happen,” the insider tells In Touch. “But Lindsay’s refusing to give up hope!”

“Lindsay is yearning to get back on the big screen,” adds the insider.

What do you think?  Would you like to see Mean Women starring Lindsay?

Source: In Touch Magazine

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