Lindsay Lohan Desperately Trying to Hire a New Attorney!


Apparently she “Loathes” Mark Heller

Lindsay Lohan is desperately trying to hire a new criminal defense attorney but the troubled starlet is having no luck finding new representation because she is broke and viewed by many as nothing but trouble, is exclusively reporting.

Lindsay despises her new attorney Mark Heller, a source close to the situation told Radar, and that has prompted her to actively hunt for a new lawyer.

“Lindsay has been on the phone calling criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles trying to hire someone new to represent her,” the source revealed. “She absolutely loathes Mark Heller and doesn’t feel confident that he can successfully represent her. Lindsay called Robert Shapiro, who represented her briefly several years ago, but he was unavailable. She called four other top notch DUI attorneys, and every single one of them turned her down – one even had his assistant call Lindsay back and say he wasn’t interested.”


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