Jane By Design – Cancelled!

I am so very sad that ABC Family has decided to pull the plug on Jane By Design.  It will not be renewed for a second season.  However, Bunheads, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy and Switched at Birth we all picked up for returning seasons.  Jane fans are truly disappointed and will certainly continue to voice their opinions on Twitter.
Some tweets:
#janebydesign cancelled?! Saaaaaad!
did you hear no more Jane? **insert sad face** @ABCFjane
Still can’t get over the fact that Jane by design got canceled…. Beyond devastated ???” Huhuhu!!!
First Victorious, now Jane By Design. Are they trying to kill me?
And the tweets go on!
Now we will never know the ending…and I think that is what makes it even harder to accept! 🙁  The show ended with Jane getting caught by Gray (Andie MacDowell) at the High School play and Jane (Erica Dasher) finally realizing her feelings for her best friend Billy (Nick Roux).   The show was great, the cast was amazing, and they all will be missed!  ABC Family apparently doesn’t know what a good teen show is when it’s right smack dab in their face!


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