Exclusive Interview with Greyson Chance!

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Greyson Chance through phone, he was very nice & kind to take time to answer all the questions! Now to all the questions you want answers to:

CTB: What is your favorite type of gum?

GC: I like the pink bubble gum that you get in wrappers at gas stations. (Dubble Bubble)

CTB: What is your favorite kids movie?

GC: I like Toy Story 3.

CTB: What do you like on your pizza?

GC: Pepperoni.

CTB: If you could donate 1 million dollars to any charity what would it be?

GC: It would have to be a charity called Childrens Miracle Network.

CTB: What is your favorite wild animal?

GC: Cheetah.

CTB: What’s your favorite kind of candy?

GC: I like Snickers bars.

CTB: Where is your favorite place to go in your home town?

GC: I actually like to go to the movies, I like watching movies.

CTB: Who is your music inspiration?

GC: The band Journey.

CTB: What’s your favorite song?

GC: There’s too many songs to choose from!

CTB: What kind of phone do you have?

GC: A black berry.

CTB: What’s the best gift you’ve gotten from a fan?

GC: Well I get a lot of scrap books & I really like those.

CTB: What’s your favorite app on the iPod?

GC: Tiny Wings.

CTB: What is your favorite kind of pop?

GC: Like soda? Um, 7up.

Thank you Greyson, for letting us interview you! It was an amazing opportunity! (:

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