Inside Amanda Bynes’ Drug-Fueled House Party!

amanda bynes drug party

Drugs on the bed, dirt on the walls, strangers in her apartment: Amanda Bynes’ party life is exposed in this week’s In Touch

As late-night revelers opened the door to Amanda Bynes’ large but sparsely furnished NYC apartment for an impromptu party, they were shocked by what they discovered inside. Exclusive photos obtained by In Touch appear in this week’s issue, exposing the troubled star’s party life. Photos taken inside her apartment during a long night of partying reveal her disheveled living conditions, and Amanda herself atop a bare mattress, smoking a joint and obsessively refreshing her phone’s Twitter feed. She is also pictured applying her makeup and dancing (much like her infamous “getting-ready” Twitter video that went viral), with a strange man “dancing behind her, and smoking weed with her,” says “Joe” to In Touch, a photographer who was inside Amanda’s apartment that night, who doesn’t want his real name used.

“She probably gets so high that sometimes she won’t even leave her house,” claims photographer Giovanni Arnold, who was also at Amanda’s apartment that night along with “Joe.” “One minute she’s cool and down-to-earth. The next, she’s totally di­fferent — indecisive, and she can’t hold a conversation,” he tells In Touch. “Mentally, she’s all over the place.”

Despite Amanda telling In Touch she doesn’t have a mental disorder or drink or smoke pot, Giovanni and “Joe” claim Amanda had plenty of marijuana in her apartment. “Weed was everywhere,” says Giovanni. “On the bed, all over the floor.” Giovanni also alleges she did cocaine when they were at her place, although Amanda denies it, telling In Touch, “They’re the ones into drugs, so they bring drugs, but I don’t do them.”

Drug claims aside, it would be hard for Amanda to deny the conditions in which she lives. “Her living room is basically empty,” describes “Joe.” Blinds hang on three windows near her bed, while the other windows are spray-painted black. (“It’s almost like she couldn’t bother to get more blinds,” says Giovanni.)

After her impromptu photo shoot, of which “Joe” says, “Her dress was tight and sheer and you could see her bra — she seemed to like that,” the party continued into the wee morning hours when Amanda kicked her guests out around 5 a.m.




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