Here We Go Again!

Hey I just got the new Demi Lovato CD yesterday night, and went home, listened to it, and LOVED it!  In this CD the songs are more Rock n’ Roll!  She has 14 new songs and they are…

1. Here We Go Again

2. Solo

3. U Got Nothin’ On Me*

4. Falling Over Me

5. Quiet

6. Catch Me

7. Every Time You Lie

8. Got Dynamite**

9. Stop The World

10. World Of Chances

11. Remember December

12. Everything Your Not

And then two Bonus tracks:

13. Gift Of A Friend***

14. So Far So Great   ( From Official TV Series “Sonny With A Chance” )

And with the CD you get a FREE Demi Lovato poster in the CD case!  Hope you like the NEW Demi CD and all of its amazing songs!  I know I LOVED it!


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