Come On Don’t You Just Love Texting!?!?!

4-3-08-lg-vuNow I know no one can resist this, but I mean seriously who doesn’t love texting?  Well obviously someone who doesn’t own a cell phone!  Yes this is the type of phone I have, I have the LG VU which is the phone in the photo above.  On my address book it tells me how many friends; family; or no group and for the family category I have 7 people.  In my friends category I have 24 people, and in the no group category I have 5 people.  I know this has nothing to do with the topic but I decided to write it anyway!  Well me and my 24 friends just talk or text about random things last night me and my friend Niki made a book called, “The Girl Rule Book!”  I know see we just text about random things!  Well I got to go I am in the middle of texting!

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