Catching up with Asher Monroe

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure off doing a Q&A with Asher Monroe. You may have seen him on our site before and that’s because we are a HUGE fan of his!! Asher released his newest music video for his single, “Here With You” not to long ago and we also got a look at an acoustic set with “Here With You” just last week. Check out the Q&A below!

What is your favorite part of being a singer/actor? 

Songwriting, performing live & interacting with fans. I love the whole process: starting with a small idea for a lyric or melody, crafting it into a recording, and then seeing how people react when you take it to the stage. I love how music grows organically and watching it effect different people in different ways.

Who is your inspiration/role model? 

I had the pleasure of meeting Elton John. Beyond being one of the most gifted music icons of all time, he’s an incredibly generous man with a hilarious sense of humor. I’ve always looked up to many of the greats.. like Michael Jackson, Elvis, Queen, and Stevie Wonder

If you weren’t a singer/actor, what would you be? 

Super hero. Crime fighter. Batman. Ha! No… I never had a choice. Music is what I was destined to do.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you and why? 

1. Neuro Sonic for energy.

2. Cell phone to make sure I can still connect with my fans & record voice memos for song ideas.

3. Helicopter (with autopilot) to fly me back to the studio.

What’s your worst habit? 

I’m a perfectionist with everything I do. Sometimes I obsess over details when it comes to my songs or my live show… but I think that comes with the territory.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them? 

Maybe Elvis. I’d ask if he had any advice, regrets, or knew any good jokes. I might switch my answer & ask the same of Jesus if I had the chance.

What is the fast food restaurant that you can’t live without? 

I  love a good burger. I also love homestyle cooking… On the road, Cracker Barrel is the best!

What chick flick do you secretly love? 

Its not really a chick flick. but the obvious answer would be Fame. ; )

Really though, date movies are more about who you’re with then what’s on the screen.

What is your number one dating deal breaker?

I can’t date anybody who isn’t honest & genuine. Trust is the most important part of any relationship. I think people can only feel truly connected when they trust each other.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to your fans trying to pursue their dreams?

Never forget that other people’s criticism is just words. You can choose whether or not you give their words any power. Above all, only you can make your dreams come true… because only you know what will truly make you happy.


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