Can’t Wait, I Am Going To L.A In Two Days!

I am so happy to go to L.A!   I just finished packing for L.A, Well not completely I still have to put work things in there!  But that shouldn’t be so bad, considering we are only going for like two days! I am so excited I am not sure I can sleep, but I have to, I have to wake up pretty early to drop my brother off at Flag Football!  So sad, then the next day I have to wake up early yet again to get on the plane!  Oh yeah and just for the humor, I got a new hamster, as some of you following me on twitter should know that because that is all I tweet about!  Well if you don’t I bought a hamster like a week ago and I had to keep him in my closet with the light on so he would sleep, because he kept biting the metal bars on his cage!  ( Hamsters sleep in the day, and go play at night! )  And I was sleeping over at my uncles and I come home and check on him, my mom said he was good, and I look and my white pants I was going to wear tomorrow are in his cage.  So I am like, what the heck!  I get a closer look,  and he ate them!  So I was lucky he didn’t eat my new white pants, about after I pack and dinner is getting cold I check again, and you know what… he DID eat my new pants!  I was SO mad at him, but you can’t hurt them I mean they are the size of your palm.  I just wanted you to know that just because!

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