Another Year Comes and Goes.

Happy new year!  Another year has come and gone so quickly!  It has not been a year for me and the blog… yet!  All of us in  my family on new years played Wii and ate food!  Like a regular family would until I lost my Ipod touch!  I lost and the whole family helped me find it.  Then sooner or later my mom found it in the side of the couch along with my school ID I lost a few months before!  It was a rather odd new years!  But I still had a lot of fun and so did my family!  We all made a new years revolution and so far I did not break mine yet!  I am proud of myself for that!  What did you guys do for your new years?  What are some of your revolutions for the year?  And have you broken them yet?  Sorry to ask all these questions but I am just excited about the new year which means school is halfway over and winter is too!  Enjoy the snow as much as you can and pray for summer! 🙂

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