My Interview with Ella Bleu Travolta

I was lucky enough to get to interview Ella Bleu Travolta after my mom sent her a gift for her first movie role in Old Dogs with her mom and dad, John Travolta and Kelly Preston.  She thanked us for sending the beautiful headbands from Here is what Ella said about her first movie role, her red carpet experience and what her dreams are!
Ella Bleu Travolta
Ella Bleu Travolta

CTB: I’d love to be an actress or singer when I am older, so I wanted to know
if it was hard to learn all your lines for the movie you were in?

EB: At first I was nervous but then I got the hang of it and it wasn’t so hard anymore.

CTB: What was the worst part about the whole movie making process?

EB: Waking up really early and having to get there on time!

CTB: What was the most fun?

EB: Hanging out with all the people on the set and doing the scenes. Oh, and playing with the dog!

CTB: Did you like walking on the red carpet at your premiere?

EB: Yes I did, it was exciting!

CTB: What was it like to act with your mom and dad.

EB: It was awesome to act with my parents in my first movie, it made it a lot easier.

CTB: Did you like making a music video with your dad?

EB: Yes, it was super fun to learn the dance.

CTB: How long did it take you to do that video?

EB: 3 or 4 hours.

CTB: You already acted with your mom and dad, but who else would you like to
act with now?

EB: I’d love to do something with Miley Cyrus!

CTB: If you had to choose, would you like to act with the Jonas Brothers or the
cast from Twilight?  I know you like both because I saw you on the Ellen
show! 🙂

EB: The Twilight cast! I’m totally team Edward.

CTB: Have you always wanted to act, or is there something else you would like
to do when you get older?

EB: I’m not really sure yet but I do like to design clothes and shoes.

CTB: What does your bedroom look like?  How is it decorated?

EB: It’s a genie bedroom so it has a round bed with draped curtains and a bunch of cool genie decorations.

CTB: Do you have any pets?

EB: Yes! I have 4 dogs(Prudence, Burt, Bear, and Anouk), 3 cats(Sissy, Goober, and Oliver) 1 horse(Wizard), and a bunch of fish.

CTB: And lastly what do you like to do for fun?

EB: Swimming, horse back riding, playing board games, dancing, gymnastics, playing with my pets, hanging out with friends, and driving my golf cart. =)

Thank you Ella for answering my questions.  I hope we get to see a lot more of your acting in the years to come! 😀

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