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Have Robsten Reconciled??

The answer is YES! Well for now anyways.

Sources have said that Rob is letting Kristin move back in, but it’s only a trial. He is still very sensitive and doesn’t trust Kristin 100%, so there is still that chance that it doesn’t work out. Rob has requested that when Kristin goes out to meet people, that she has someone else with her.… Continue Reading

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The Host by Stephenie Meyer – A Book in Review

I have to admit this… I was scared! When I received The Host by Stephenie Meyer in the mail and opened up the package, the size of the book itself scared me. Guys, it’s big, 619 pages big, as big as most of the high school text books big! So, putting the size factor aside, I knew I had to dive into the book head first, knowing there was no turning back!… Continue Reading

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Justin Bieber Lands Second Book Deal!

In an Us Weekly Exclusive: Justin Bieber Lands Second Book Deal, you heard it right!

Justin Bieber is known for giving back to his admirers, and now his fans will be able to nab an insider look at his life when he documents everything in his new book this fall!

In Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started, fans will get up close and personal with their favorite male pop star through exclusive photos and quotes as he takes them behind-the-scenes on his tour and shows them what goes into recording an album.… Continue Reading


I LOVE Tiger Beat Magazine!

Not only does Tiger Beat have the dish on teen celebrities like Miley Cyrus and friends Demi {Lovato}  and Selena {Gomez}  but it is the ONLY magazine that I read to get more gossip on the Teens!  I love the new June addition where you can go to regular stores to get Miley’s looks { as if her outfits } for less money that they normally are in California! … Continue Reading


Miles To Go!

I just got this book today, and I read the first part of the book and it is SO good! One part of it is funny it says, “I’d run out in the front of the cheering crowd, help my dad gather up the flowers and home made bracelets, and bras, and then we’d go straight to a hospital to donate them.… Continue Reading