Going to “the” concert!

Tomorrow night I’m going to the HOB Chicago with my friend to see Shane Harper, Cody Simpson, and Greyson Chance in concert! I am really excited 😀 I am so excited that I made up my own version of Rebecca Blacks’ “Friday” lol. We will let you know what we thought after the concert!… Continue Reading


The Event Is Tomorrow!

Okay so you all know that all I have been talking about on twitter and blogging about is this trip I am on now.  Well, the actual Teen Choice Award Gifting is tomorrow, and I am so excited, mostly because I get to meet all the stars. But most of all, you know you tubes ” Fred ” well, my mom looked online to see who is coming, and Fred is! … Continue Reading

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Can’t Wait, I Am Going To L.A In Two Days!

I am so happy to go to L.A!   I just finished packing for L.A, Well not completely I still have to put work things in there!  But that shouldn’t be so bad, considering we are only going for like two days! I am so excited I am not sure I can sleep, but I have to, I have to wake up pretty early to drop my brother off at Flag Football! … Continue Reading


Daisy Rock Guitars Rock Out!

Daisy Rock Guitars are amazing! I like this one, no wait I LOVE this one. Another thing is with the contest for Bop magazine. You won’t win the yellow guitar, you will win a Daisy Rock Guitar, but I have no more details on what the guitar will look like. You can see more of daisy rock guitars at!… Continue Reading


Kids Choice Awards!

Kids Choice Awards 2009 tonight at 7:00PM there are going to be all sorts of celebrities, rock stars like the Jonas Brothers and The Pussy Cat Dolls! Most importantly the host, Dwayne The Rock Jhonson! Give thanks to Justin Timberlake for “teaching” The Rock everything he knows about hosting! So watch Kids Choice Awards so you can see who wins what, and who wins THE GREEN BLIMP for who has gone green enough!… Continue Reading


Did you see the oscars?

If you saw the oscars you might have had to stay up until 10:00. Well if not I did to see the best movies America voted for. With that said I have notecied how much time a movie called or titled “Slumdog Millionaire” nominated so much. Well there are a million diffrent possabillities, maybe it was a really good movie.… Continue Reading


Baby and Tween Celebration LA

I will be attending the Baby and Tween Celebration LA expo with my mom and the rest of the family. My mom’s company, Baby Swags will be presenting a gift lounge called “The Rockin Lollipop Lounge” where we can meet celebrities and even give them gift bags to thank them for helping us raise money for a charity that will benefit autism called ACT Today!… Continue Reading